Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marketing design solutions from Jade Magnet

Jade Magnet brings marketing designs for SMEs at very attractive prices, in partnership with

A sample of brochure design

As a small or mid-sized business, once you have settled down to delivering a high quality product or service, it is marketing that can take your business to next level of growth. SMEs need to employ some unique marketing methods to ensure that they grow constantly. But on most occasions, it is difficult to find a creative vendor (agency or freelancer) who can deliver great work at reasonable prices. At the same time, it is rarely possible for small businesses to engage with large advertising or marketing agencies because of budget constraints.
As a platform, Jade Magnet attracts some of the best designers and technologists from India and aborad, and with the help of these "providers" the platform is able to work for small and medium businesses at much lower prices than standard agency rates. The platform also has a strong delivery assurance processes that ensures timely delivery of work at high quality standards.

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